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Are you in Canada as a foreign worker (on a work permit) and wish to stay?
Are you a foreign student who would like to become a Permanent Resident ?
Would you like to sponsor you husband or wife to come or remain in Canada?
Would you like to get a visa to Canada ?

Shawar Immigration is a Canadian law office located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, practicing in the area of CANADIAN IMMIGRATION LAW. Shawar Immigration handles the immigration and VISA matters for people who need assistance in getting a visa or permanent residence status to come or remain in Canada. Edmonton, Fort McMurry, and other cities in Alberta and Canada have seen a great influx of foreign workers and students in recent years. Many people from the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, China, India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and the Middle East (Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Dubai, Jordan,Canada Immigration Lawyers - free consultation Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Tunis, Algeria, Somalia, Yemen, Maghreb ) are  currently in Canada on work permits or student visas and would like to stay.

          Others are still looking to get visas to come to Canada. Whether you are already in Canada with temporary status, or if you are overseas Immigration Lawyer Eric Shawar can assist you or your family members to come and stay in Canada.  Many applicants are denied visas and permanent residence status, so it is important that you acquire the help of a competent professional to assist you in your immigration matters. Acquiring residency in Canada on a temporary or permanent basis can be done in a variety of ways depending on your individual circumstances, qualifications or skills they include the following:

Applications for Permanent Resident Status :

  1. Skilled Worker Applications for Permanent Resident Status.
  2. Independent VISA APPLICATIONS APPLYING as an Entrepreneur or Investor
  3. Study Permit (Student Visa)
  4. Visitor Visa
  5. Applying through the Canada Experience Class
  6. Family Class Sponsorships
  7. Humanitarian and Compassionate cases – Applying for Refugee Status
  8. Provincial Nominee PROGRAMS for Permanent Residence (Alberta Immigration Nomination Program -AINP)