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Skilled Worker Immigration

Skilled Worker Immigration


Skilled Worker immigraton to Canada

The Canadian government grants residency to those who are a member of the family class and the economic class. The economic class is for professionals and skilled workers and this is all done on a point based system. These points will determine how likely you and your dependents are to establish themselves successfully in Canada, however to be an ideal applicant under the Skilled Worker immigration section you need to have experience that is open to prospective employers. If you have a government approved job offer in Canada then you will rank highly on the point system when compared to someone who does not.




If you are coming under the Quebec skilled class then you may become a permanent resident of Canada but you need to prove that you can become economically established in the area. If you do not fall under these categories then you should know that Canada is also accepting of immigrants who come under the business immigration program. The business immigration program consists of many different categories and these can be found below. If you do not qualify for the following immigration classes, there may be other options available out of the Skilled Worker Immigration bracket.

Investor Immigration

The investor class giveBusiness immigrants Investemnt Class - Health Benifits permanent residency to those who have demonstrated that they are able to invest in the area. In order to be classed as an investor however you would need to have a net worth of over $1,600,000. Approval isn’t just based on this however, because it is also based on your own personal experience and on top of this you will also need to take a non-interest bearing 5 year investment. This will need to be $800,000 in value and in a government guaranteed fund as well. Your legal advisor will be able to help you with this, and there are plenty of immigration specialists that will be able to tell you which types of investments are suitable for your income based on your personal situation.




The entrepreneur class is also point based and in order to qualify for this you will need to make sure that you have a high personal worth and business experience. Approval for this is based on whether or not you can invest and become involved in the businesses that operate in Canada as well as your ability to create further employment. If you don’t have much business experience or if you cannot create more jobs then you may not be eligible for this type of visa, and instead you might need to fill out another type of application.




The self-employed class is again, points based and it is for those who have relevant experience as well as the ability to create new jobs in the area. You will also need to make a significant contribution to the cultural, artistic or even athletic life in Canada. If you don’t feel as though you can do this, you can purchase and manage a farm, but it needs to be in Canada and you would need to show that you can create jobs through this line of work.