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Canada Business and Investment Overview

Canada has one of the most widely used investment programs in the world when it comes to immigration. The Canadian confederation system offer what is often classed as being a European alternative to residents and this comes with plenty of social benefits as well. It also comes with high levels of taxation and an unparalleled quality of living. Business immigrants can enjoy the national health care program, a top class education and a national pension system as well and this will provide you with a measurable income in the state when you are retired.

Business immigration consists of the Quebec investor program as well. Not only this, but it also consists of the entrepreneur program, self employed programs, federal start up visa programs and more. It should be noted that while there are plenty of programs that are aimed at individuals with a mid-range net worth, there are also programs that are ideal for those who have a high net worth as well. This is great for those individuals who want to make a passive investment without any obligation to commence business.

If you want to claim residency for business and investment however, then you will still need to meet the required laws and regulations in the area. Things that may affect this include whether or not you have a criminal past and whether or not you can prove that the business you are investing in is viable in terms of the conditions of your stay. It should also be noted that Quebec has different regulations when compared to other provinces and so you may need to follow different rules so this is something that you should look into if this is the case.

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