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Quebec Immigration

Quebec gives out its own immigration program that has a range of set criteria that are far more predictable when compared to those at a federal level. If you are a foreign national and you want to settle in Quebec then you will need to go through a two step process. You will need to have been selected by the MICC and once this has been done, you will be given a CSQ. This means that you can then go ahead in your application to the authorities and it is the first step into getting your residency. It should be noted that Quebec have a different policy regarding immigration when compared to Canada and the other provinces and so you may have to go through different processes after this if you do not fully meet the criteria required.

When you have a CSQ you will then need to apply with the Canadian immigration authorities. They will then have a part in evaluating your application for residency and this is only limited if you have health issues or a criminal past. It may take some time for you to get your Quebec immigration program put into place and it is not guaranteed that you will be accepted even if you don’t have a criminal past. Other factors may come into play and these will most likely be dependent on your personal situation and circumstance. If you do suspect that your circumstances may affect your application, it is always a good idea to consult your legal advisor before pursuing your application.

If you are immigrating to Quebec you may also be able to bring a spouse with you or a loved one however again this would involve going through a process. If you do bring a loved one with you then you would also need to make sure that you sign a contract stating that they are dependent on you. Your dependents must be dependent on you and they must not have been adopted by any other person. If you plan to come to Quebec as a refugee then it is also possible for you to bring a spouse as well, but there are still rules and regulations that apply. For example, you would need to prove that you and/or the spouse are fearful and with good reason of returning to the home country and that your lives would be in danger if you did. You should note however that the rules regarding this are also different when compared to the rules in the other provinces so it is always a good idea to look into this to see what legal requirements you need to meet before you apply for a residency or refugee residency within the area.

Your immigration advisor may be able to help you with this and you will most likely be able to stay in Quebec while the process goes through as well so there are plenty of benefits to doing this.