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Canada Immigration Overview

If you are a member of the Family Class or the Economic Class then you may be eligible for a permanent residence visa. The economic class is for skilled Canada Immigration - Canada Flag over a Canadian Cityworkers and this is done under the sub-section skilled worker class. Other sub-section classes include provincial nominees, Quebec skilled workers and business immigrants. In order to get access to the skilled worker class, you need to make sure that you score on the point system. After all, the more likely you are to successfully establish yourself in Canada, the more likely you are to get a visa. Shawar Immigration can help you in enhancing your chances of getting the visa by giving you the proper advice in how to build your case for Canada immigration(Check our Forum). The ideal applicant would have employment skills with an open perspective, but it is important to understand that thus section does go in favour of those who have approved government job offers from the Canadian region.

Quebec skilled applicants may be allowed permanent residency if they can prove that they can become economically established in Canada. This will need to be done in accordance to other immigration programs as well as criteria that has been administered by Quebec. If you plan to travel to Canada on business then you will need to take a look at the business Immigration Program. This has three sub-categories and it includes everything from the self-employed to investors and even entrepreneurs.

The investor section is also point based and it is only suitable for those who have a net worth of $1,600,000 or above. You will also need to take a non-interest bearing, irrevocable, passive 5 year investment in a government fund. This would be $800,000 but you can obtain financing for this, however you should look into whether or not this class is available for applicants or not because there are often holds which prevent people from applying for set periods of time.

The Entrepreneur class is also based on points and it is based on your personal experience and business worth. The approval for this is all based on the fact that your business will create employment but again, sometimes the Canadian government places holds on this so applicants may not be able to apply.

The self-employed class is point based again aAlbera Banff - new home for immigrant in Canadand in order to get this visa you need to prove that you have both the intention and the ability to create new jobs. You can do this by purchasing or managing a farm in Canada, or you can create your own business in a set range of industries. Quebec on the other hand has their own immigration program which has different class section rules.

With the federal family class, there will often be a form of sponsorship which is designed to promote the reunion. People may be a common-law partner, a spouse or even a child of the person living in the area. Other people include grandparents, an unmarried dependent child, a brother, nephew, sister or even an orphan. There may be a hold on this at the moment in terms of grandparents and parents but if you believe you are eligible, you can apply for the long term visitation visa which is the Parents and Grandparents Super Visa.