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Canada Experience Class

If you have lived and worked in Canada and you want to settle down with your dependents then you may qualify for permanent residency under the experience class. This program is designed to recognise the efforts by the candidates who have made a large contribution through their studies and their careers. It is also fully designed to recognise their assistance in the economy and any strong links that they have created to society. This also strengthens the programs to Canada as well, so if you are planning on moving in the near future, this is certainly something that you should take note of.


Whether or not you are eligible for a permanent residency will depend on your pass-fail basis. Your candidates must have a year of full time work experience and they need to be classed as a skill class of A or B or a skill type 0. If you have a managerial, technical, skilled or professional nature, then you will most likely qualify. The work experience must have been done within 36 months of applying for the application and you also need to demonstrate the fact that you can speak proficiently in the area as well. This is based on the occupation that you are going to as well as the work experience that you have. If you do want to come over then you can’t have any limitations in terms of security, medical or criminal grounds.

Qualifying Work Experience

Your work experience needs to be skilled and full time. Full time means that you need to work 30 hours a week at the minimum. Part time work may be considered but you do have a much higher chance of gaining access to the country if you are full time. For example, if you work 6 or more months in a part time job at 15 hours a week, this will count as 3 months as it is half the hours. If you have multiple part time jobs then this can be used to meet the requirements. Any work experience that has been gained in Canada will not be considered if you do not have a valid work visa. Work experience that has been gained while enrolled in study will not be counted either.

Application Caps

Instructions have been issued that limit the applications to the experience class. 12,000 new applicants will be received every year and there is a sub-cap of 200 applications. This is for any skill level under the NOC B. Applicants that have work experience following NOC will not be considered for this visa.

1221 Administration Officers

1241 Administration Assistants

1311 Accountant Technicians

6211 Retail Sales

6311 Food Service

6322 Cooks

Other occupations that are classified as the NOC including 0 and A are subject to the 12,000 cap.

Language Proficiency

Your proficiency must be demonstrated in all four language abilities. This can be done in either French or English and you will need to take a test in reading, speaking, listening and writing. If you have work experience that is classed as an 0 or A skill level then you need to meet the benchmark of CLB level 7. If you have work that is classed as a level B then you need to meet CLB level 5. Under the IELTS and TEF system you will need to meet the required equivalence for the job that you are applying for and this is done under formal testing conditions.


Overall, the Canadian experience class is ideal for individuals who are understanding of the lifestyle in Canada. It is also great for those who want to come and settle in the area and it is a very secure option for those who want to obtain permanent residence. On top of this, the application can be made from within Canada as well so if you have a temporary status then this is not a problem. In short, you can make a smooth transaction from a temporary status to a permanent status with ease and efficiency. It should be noted that this does not apply to foreigners who want to establish themselves in Quebec. The work and experience that you gain in the province would need to be met with the program requirements as well.

If you would like to discuss the requirements of this visa or if you would like to find out more about what you need to know about getting into the area then contact us today. We will be able to tell you everything that you need to know about the permits that you need and we can also advise you on what you need to know about the tests involved as well.