Sponsorship Application – Inside Canada

Spousal or Common-Law Partner Sponsorship Applications

Sponsoring your Spouse or Common Law Partner – Inside Canada:

One of the applications for Permanent Resident Status in Canada is an application for Spousal Sponsorship or Common-Law Partner Sponsorship. If you are a foreign national and your spouse or common law partner is a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada and you both reside in Canada you can apply for permanent resident status inside Canada. You will need to establish that your marriage or common-law relationship is genuine in nature and not made simply for acquiring permanent resident status in Canada.

Many couples feel that their applications for spousal sponsorship inside Canada may be refused or denied based on the fact that the relationship before getting married was not “long enough” to satisfy an immigration officer that the marriage is genuine. These same people will decide to apply at a later date, many times the non Canadian spouse will leave Canada as they feel they will not have “enough time” to properly prepare an application for spousal sponsorship in Canada before their visa will expire leaving there Canadian spouse or common-law partner behind until they can be sponsored from outside Canada. Such a decision and move often has an adverse impact on a marriage and relationship as couples live separate and apart for long periods of time until an immigrant visa is given. There are many different ethnic groups in Canada who do not believe in having a long drawn out pre marital relationship and marry not long after meeting their future spouses this however does not mean that their marriage is not genuine. While the process to apply for spousal sponsorship may be a daunting task do not be intimidated and seek the professional help you need from a qualified immigration Lawyer. Applications inside Canada may take up to a year under current processing times before an applicant applying under spousal sponsorship is approved, however during such a period applying inside Canada may give you the opportunity to live in Canada with your loved one while your application is being processed.

Potential applicants applying inside Canada need to be aware that there is no right to appeal a refusal decision if your application for spousal or common-law partner sponsorship to Canada is denied or refused. Therefore, it is important that your applications for spousal or common-law partner sponsorship are properly completed. Shawar Law can help perfect your application for spousal or common-law partner sponsorship applications for permanent resident status inside Canada. We will ensure your applications are completed properly and that you submit the appropriate evidence given your own individual circumstance and marriage or common-law partnership. A perfected application inside Canada for a spousal or common-law partner sponsorship application can also help you avoid further delays for failing to provide the necessary information, documentation, evidence and other materials Citizenship and Immigration Canada will require to properly process your sponsorship application. Shawar Immigration Lawyers can help you.

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