Permanent Resident Status

Permanent Resident Status in Canada :

Each year numerous people apply for Permanent Resident Status in Canada. Whether you are a temporary foreign worker such as a live in care giver, or if you have a work permit and are employed through a Canadian business or company you may be eligible for Permanent Residence Status in Canada.
Many potential foreign workers however fail to go through the appropriate professionals to prepare their applications or they simply decide to attempt to prepare and submit their applications on their own.

Regrettably these same applicants find their applications denied because of not getting the professional help that they need and end up squandering there opportunity to become Permanent Residents of Canada by not properly applying, completing and submitting their permanent resident applications even though they are qualified to become Permanent Residents of Canada. After being refused they find that their visa will expire soon or worse yet they are told they need to leave Canada.

Do not end up in such a predicament have a qualified professional renew your visa or work permit ensuring you properly maintain your status in Canada and also properly prepare and apply for your immigration applications to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada will not be able to assist you if you claim that an “agency, consultant” or even “employer” botched your work permit renewal, visa extension, or sponsorship application. Allow an immigration Lawyer to assist you long before you even decide to submit your application to ensure you will have the best chance of success of having your Permanent Resident Application approved.

Shawar Immigration will be able to assist in your immigration application or immigration matters. Attorney Eric Shawar has over 5 years experience as a competent and professional immigration lawyer and can help you in your immigration matters whether you are a temporary foreign worker, looking to sponsor a spouse, a refugee claimant or even if you find your elf with no legal immigration status. Feel free to contact us to book an appointment today. Eric Shawar will take his time and properly assess your situation to determine what category best suits your needs for acquiring Permanent immigration status in Canada. In addition Shawar Immigration can help maintain your legal status by properly submitting applications to rene

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